How to get a girlfriend

How to get a girlfriend

How do you get a girlfriend so you're not single anymore? This one question at first glance sounds simple, but the answer is not that simple, bro. Not everyone is lucky to find a soul mate or soulmate easily. There are many factors at play: appearance, hockey, character, to self-confidence.

Especially for those of you who are tired of being single and looking for a tutor with a father, Ax has prepared a series of tips and tricks on how to get a girlfriend. Read until the end of this row of ways to have a girlfriend, friend!


1. Hang out a lot

All tutors have this master, starting with yourself. Many people complain that it is difficult to get a girlfriend, but do not realize that they are trapped in the same social circle. If the number of new friends you do not increase, how do you want to get a girlfriend? To make more friends, you can start by being active in school organizations and extracurriculars. You can register as an OSIS or BEM member on campus to add activities, so that they exist more.

In addition, taking additional courses outside of school can also be a good channel to expand your relationship. Joining a social or religious community is also an interesting option to add friends. Anyway, maximize the time you have to keep adding new acquaintances!

2. Active on Social Media

That doesn't mean you have to be narcissistic and lazy to spam IG Stories every day. Just upload photos as necessary and appropriate. Most importantly, your photos should reflect who you really are. For example, if you like the gym or automotive, you can post photos related to hobbies. Every now and then, it's okay to post a photo of your own face. But not too much, because no girl likes a narcissistic and overproud guy with his appearance.

Profile picture also plays an important role, bro. Anyway, choose a photo with a proper pose. Don't post over-edited photos, let alone make your face different from the original. You don't want to be disappointed and frustrated when you meet the real person, right? As a guy whose natural instinct is to hunt, you also have to be diligent in 'washing your eyes' on social media. Who knows, there is a cute girl who catches your heart in your timeline!

3. Try New Things

Getting out of your comfort zone can be one of the best ways to find a new crush. You can start by daring to try new things that you have never thought of before. For example, idly join a gym class in a new place. It's possible that you'll meet interesting girls while you're exercising there, right? You can also register to take courses, hang out alone in a new cafe or restaurant, or go solo traveling out of town. Taking part in social events alone can also be an opportunity to meet with a loved one. Challenging yourself to invite a girl you know directly can also bring you to an unexpected ending. How to have a useful love!

4. Chat with Anyone

Here comes the key, bro! If you want a girlfriend, talk to anyone. Be a fun and fun person, because you never know who you will meet and 'hold' with. Not only with pretty girls, but with guys too. Who knows, your new acquaintance has a cool and recognizable sister or girl friend.

5. Self-confident

Doing any business as a way to get a girlfriend will be useless if you don't believe in yourself. To look attractive in front of girls, you have to be confident and act as you are. Be real, bro. Building self-confidence is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. There are a series of real efforts that you must do. You can improve your appearance to look handsome and charming, read a lot to broaden your horizons and chat topics, to practice fun and not boring chat skills. If you have mastered all the skills, self-confidence will appear by itself. You will feel more relaxed when you meet and chat with new girls. Always remember, nothing is more attractive than self-confidence!

Well, perfume can also be a means that can increase your self-confidence. Just so you know, a calm and cool scent can make you feel like a cool guy too. You should try spraying Ax Parfum Pocket - Dark Temptation which has a dark chocolate scent. The scent is luxurious, similar to a branded perfume. Make you smell musty free and feel more confident!

6. Don't Sell Fake Personality

Sometimes, many guys bluff because they want to impress their crush. Well, how to get a girlfriend on this one is better not to be avoided bro. So be yourself. You don't have to pretend you have this or that or you are friends with ABC or you often go on vacation to DEF. In addition to making you nervous, girls will also be ilfil if your lies are exposed.

7. Smart in Seeing Opportunities

In fact, there is no such thing as coincidence in this world. Everything has been arranged by the Almighty. The only thing that determines is your response to it. When you accidentally meet a cute girl or a bus with a crush you've been secretly crushing for a long time, say hello and have a chat! No need to think twice or up to three times about how to have this one, because there is absolutely nothing to lose. If you're not married, then you're just friends. Nothing to lose!

8. Join Dating Apps

Joining dating apps is not something negative, really. As long as your intention is to find true love, hehe. But remember the tips above, don't sell fake personality. So what is it, bro!

9. Ask Friends to help

Again, this also doesn't make you lose, really. Because your friend already knows you inside and out and knows what type of girl you are, he will also give you his own filter. Your friend will definitely not match you up with a girl who he knows won't suit you right?

10. Often go to parties

party is the last girlfriend tutorial from Jun. Is there a family that will hold a reception in the near future? Does your friend need a partner or plus one, so it's not too boring to go to the reception? Or maybe, there is a friend of your age who will be getting married soon? Well, this is the right moment for you. You can really use the reception as a way to have love and an opportunity to find a potential boyfriend. Sometimes you have a friend that you have a crush on, or a friend of your mother's who is looking for a daughter-in-law. Hehe.

If you are trying to make friends, the only worst possibility is that your greeting is ignored or a perfunctory smile is returned. But at least you've tried to start something, right? Who knows, your light greeting may develop into a close conversation, then move on to closeness status, then dating.

Hopefully this tutorial on having a girlfriend from Jun can help you. Remember, if you never try, you'll never know, bro!